"Tragedy Strikes Namami Gange Project Site: 15 Lives Lost in Chamoli Transformer Explosion" 

Devastating Incident: A transformer explosion at the Namami Gange project site in Chamoli claims 15 lives, leaving the region in shock and mourning. 

Urgent Investigation Underway: Authorities launch a thorough investigation into the tragic incident to determine the cause of the transformer explosion. 

Loss of Innocent Lives: Families and the community mourn the loss of 15 individuals who lost their lives in the unfortunate incident at the Namami Gange project site. 

Safety Concerns Raised: The transformer explosion sparks concerns about safety protocols and infrastructure maintenance at critical project sites. 

Uttarakhand CM Expresses Grief: Uttarakhand Chief Minister plans to visit the site, expressing condolences and ensuring support for the affected families. 

Namami Gange Project Impacted: The tragic incident brings attention to the challenges faced during the implementation of the ambitious Namami Gange project. 

Collaborative Efforts for Relief: Local authorities, rescue teams, and organizations join forces to provide aid, support, and relief to the affected families.