"Thank You For Coming Movie Review: A Critical Examination of Feminism and Confusion" 

"Thank You For Coming" movie review criticizes it for portraying feminism as a lopsided idea of empowerment. 

The film is described as lacking logic and being a muddled-up story of confused women. 

The protagonist, Kanika Kapoor (played by Bhumi Pednekar), is introduced as someone bullied and insecure about her lack of orgasmic experiences. 

Kanika's pursuit of pleasure becomes the central focus of her life, leading to various failed relationships and engagements. 

 Bhumi Pednekar's performance is criticized as over-expressive and inconsistent with her previous roles.

 The film's direction by Karan Boolani is said to shift focus multiple times, from orgasm to insecurity, society's perception of single women, and more.

The movie is accused of promoting a shallow definition of empowerment through smoking, drinking, and one-night stands. 

The film is criticized for mocking a loving and supportive groom, suggesting that simplicity is frowned upon. 

The treatment of Shehnaaz's character is criticized for its callousness and failure to take her seriously as an actress. 

The review suggests that the film could have been a simple, funny story about a woman's journey toward her first orgasm but instead attempts to be a feminist movement.